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VDSCOM is a trade brand of VDSCOM LLC registered in the Russian Federation, UAV Relidas, organization code: 303254188, registered in Lithuania and VDSCOM Ltd registered in USA. Our company was created by professionals with a huge 15 years of experience in the field of administration and hosting services. We cooperate with 15 Data Centers in 15 countries of the world and have our own fleet of highly reliable equipment. We are only engaged in the provision of dedicated servers for rent and support of VDS / VPS servers, which allows us to focus on these areas as much as possible and to carry out our work at a high level.

Our company today and tomorrow
More than 309 modern VDS servers in operation
Working directly with DCs in Europe, USA and Asia
Our own room in Data Centers
Compliance with 152-FL
We use only proprietary equipment
Transparent Company-Client relationships
Sales department phone numbers
USA - Delaware
Working hours
Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 19:00 Moscow time.
Sales department
We will reply to your messages:
from 9:00 to 23:00 Moscow time.
All work questions go strictly through the tickets
st. Levo-Bulachnaya, 24 of. 16


INN: 1655323533 KPP: 165501001



RCBIC : 044525092

Acc №: 30101810645250000092

Corr. acc №: 40702810470010009491

Only USD payment

Konstitucijos pr. 12, LT-01001

NAME: UAB "Relidas"

RN: 303254188

BANK: TransferWise Europe SA

Avenue Louise 54, Room S52

Brussels 1050 Belgium

IBAN: BE52 9671 0706 3209

Only EUR payment - SEPA

2093 PHILADELPHIA PIKE #5770 DE 19703

Company: VDSCOM Ltd

Account number: 9670003389

Routing number: 084106768

Evolve Bank & Trust

6070 Poplar Avenue, Suite 200 Memphis, Tennessee 38119

Only USD payment - ACH

The structure of the company

Customer service department
The customer service department provides primary customer support on general issues of registration and use of services, and also ensures document flow between the company and the client. Employees of this department are also engaged in the consideration of financial issues of mutual settlements.
Technical support department
The technical support department deals with technical issues related exclusively to the operation of virtual and dedicated servers related to software. As well as solving issues with setting up and optimizing server software, transferring sites.
Legal department persons of the Russian Federation and the EU
The technical support department deals with technical issues related exclusively to the operation of virtual and dedicated servers related to the hardware part of the equipment.
Company management
If you have any questions regarding cooperation with our company or claims for the services provided, you can contact the head of the Company. Within 3 working days, the appeal will be considered and an official response will be given.