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Server with GPU

You are looking for a reliable and efficient GPU server for deep learning, neural network building, 3D modeling or rendering? Or do you just need a server for mining cryptocurrencies? Then you are in the right place!

We can offer for rent reliable and high-performance dedicated servers with video card for a day or longer at a good price in reliable data centers around the world. Up to 8 video cards per server from the world's leading manufacturers: Nvidia GTX 1080, Nvidia GTX 1080Ti, Nvidia GTX 2080ti or super powerful Tesla A100.

Our GPU servers:
TIER III data centers
Installation in 1 day
Unlimited traffic
Up to 8 video cards

Choose your GPU server with a video card

The minimum contract is one month. These dedicated servers are perfect for most standard projects and are available in a wide range of models, which allows you to find the optimal solution for any task.
If you need a server for one or more days, then these solutions will certainly suit you. Reliable and balanced servers will be ready for work within a few hours after ordering.
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Why rent a GPU server from us

We place the servers in the VIP-case of the data center, which guarantees a high degree of service and server performance. With many years of experience in the hosting industry, we know what is needed for the comfortable work of our clients, so we have developed our tariffs with optimal returns. If you need an individual server configuration, we can do it for you - all components are available, including the OP GPU GTX 2080ti or Tesla V100.
Ease of installation
Need to reboot or reinstall your server? Do it in one click from your Personal Account.
99.99% uptime
We are confident in our equipment and data centers, therefore we guarantee a high uptime of the servers.
Responsive support
We will help you solve basic issues with the operation of your secure server, just message us.
Build your server
If you need an individual configuration, we will be happy to help you assemble it for you.
Free transfer
We will help you transfer your site from another provider quickly and completely free of charge.
Our managers will fine-tune your server for free.

Our GPU server configurations are reliable and practical

Register a GPU server (with a video card) in our company today and you will receive:
Server power management
Full control over the server
Rapid equipment preparation
Stable communication channels

Cool bonuses and promotions

Free domain in
.RU zone
Place an order for renting a server for any plan for a period of 3 or more months and get a .RU domain free for 1 year
20 % discount
when buying 1 year
Pay for any dedicated server for a period of 3 months and get a 5% discount, when renting a server for 6 months - 10%, and when buying 12 months - 20%.
Free SSL cetrificate
for you
Order any SSL certificate from us and we will install it for free on your dedicated or virtual server, no matter where it is located.
Free management
Yes exactly! Free management when renting a server or VDS, regardless of the plan and without reservations! The support service works around the clock - without breaks and weekends. All requests are processed through the ticket system, which eliminates confusion and misunderstanding. The guaranteed response time is 1 hour, but usually employees respond within 10 minutes!

What can you use a GPU server with a video card for?

The range of applications for servers with video cards (GPU) is wide enough:

3D Modeling and Rendering — choose a server with a powerful video card for simulation in video games, create and work with heavy graphics and animations without any discomfort. We also allow the use of GPU servers for mining cryptocurrencies and for streaming online music, video and so much more.

Machine learning — renting a server with a GPU is an ideal solution for deep learning and working with neural networks. They accelerate the processes of image classification, speech recognition and big data processing..

Choosing our company as your hosting partner, you are guaranteed to get truly unsurpassed performance with modern graphics adapters (GPU) - NVIDIA® Tesla® and NVIDIA GeForce RTX™