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Can I host an adult website?
Yes, on dedicated servers, for example, hosted in Germany, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, sites for adults are allowed. But videos with minors and animals are strictly prohibited.
Where are the servers located?
Servers are located in the cities of Russia and Europe. Data center of Tier III + class with a high class of data protection and fire safety. All main areas of the data center are equipped with a video surveillance system with archiving records. In addition, all buildings are equipped with a burglar alarm system.
What can you use a dedicated server for?
A dedicated server is an independent server hosted in the Data Center - all resources of this server belong to 1 client and are not shared between outsiders. The server is accessed via SSH or Remote Desktop. You can host your websites or other projects on it.
Do you have a trial period?
Unfortunately not, dedicated servers are provided upon payment. We do not give the server for testing due to numerous violations. The minimum rental period is 30 days.
Who administers the server?
Each server is connected to a free full administration system, if you need help setting up, transferring sites or other work with the software - just write to us about it, our team of administrators will help you quickly and completely free of charge.
How quickly will I receive the server after payment?
As a rule, the average activation time for a dedicated server is in the range of 24-72 hours, but some orders may take longer to process, depending on the configuration or availability of components in stock. If the activation period is more than 72 hours, the manager will contact you and inform you about it.
How quickly will I receive VDS after payment?
All virtual servers (VDS) on Unix are processed automatically and activated within 10-15 minutes. Virtual servers with Windows OS are activated within 24 hours after payment is received.
What are your refund rules?
The minimum contract for renting a dedicated server is 30 days, in case of early termination of the contract, we make a refund for every full 30 days of rent. There is no refund for the first month.