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Our project is quite specific, so it required renting a dedicated server in Europe. Business colleagues advised me to contact VDSCOM. I'll start with the poles. I liked the free administration option very much. The support guys helped us a lot in setting up the server for our needs. I was also pleased with the very fast activation. The server started working the next day after payment. I did not find any serious drawbacks to the service. Unless one could find fault with the lack of a test period, but this is a common practice, so it's a sin to complain here.
ALexander О. 02.07.2021
Implementation of 1C at our enterprise was a big and long work. Last but not least was the question of where to place the server. The management was very concerned about the security of the data, so it looked very carefully through the possible options. As a result, we settled on VDSCOM. There were several reasons for this choice. In addition to the actual guarantee of data protection, this service was favored by high professionalism and a friendly attitude towards customers.
Marina Afanasyeva 15.06.2021
Until recently, the idea of renting a dedicated server in Russia would have seemed ridiculous for our company. But times have changed, and the transition to domestic hosting has become an inevitable decision. I used to be sure that a Russian server is synonymous with low speed and constant technical problems. But the experts from VDSCOM were able to convince me otherwise, for which I am very grateful to them. Having already several months of experience on this server, I can summarize: the speed is excellent, there are almost no problems, and even when they arise, technical support instantly solves them.
Damir 26.05.2021
Many thanks to the support of VDSCOM for their help in transferring the site to a new server in Germany. We needed to do it very quickly and with minimal cost. A huge plus is round-the-clock server support. Our project is global, it works from different countries at different times, it is very important for us that help is always at hand. Actually, it is, for which many thanks again
Alex 17.03.2021
I needed cheap and reliable hosting - and I got it! My online store is not very big, but I hope it will develop into something large-scale. Therefore, it was important for me that the site provided an opportunity to respond quickly and flexibly to the growth of the project. At VDSCOM all this is realized at the highest level. Their physical servers seem to be located somewhere in Europe. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but everything works like clockwork.
Vasiliy Kozakov 02.02.2021
What is important for a webmaster when choosing a cloud server? I don’t know for whom how, but for me personally, the most important is high-quality technical support. I used to very often come across the fact that at the right moment, when the site attracts the maximum number of visitors, everything suddenly crashes. And here your profit directly depends on the speed and professionalism of technical support. So, with this aspect, VDSCOM is more than fine. It can be seen that it is not the chumps from the street who are working, but the venerable specialists.
Maxim 18.12.2020
Dedicated server from VDSCOM turned out to be a great solution for us. Not only does it work reliably, without failures and failures, but also a lot of useful things come as a bonus. They gave us a good discount, helped us move the site from another hosting, set up a security certificate. I am very glad that administration is included in the price of the tariff plan, which means that there is no need to overpay for anything.
Stanislav Yanovsky 09.12.2020
Six months ago, we decided to move our project to a faster and more convenient platform. The choice fell on a server with NVMe data exchange technology from VDSCOM. Speed is just a bomb! Also licensed Windows is included in the package.
ALexander 10.11.2020
They dragged on for a long time with the transition to NVMe technology, but now the time has come. I was afraid that the process would drag on, which would not have the best effect on the company's income. But no, VDSCOM specialists know their business well. Everything was done quickly and without any complaints.
Mikhail Danilov 27.10.2020