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VDS servers protected from DDOS attacks

In the online business world, security is no longer an optional feature, with every second of downtime translating into lost revenue and disruption to workflow. DDoS attacks can disable any website and render it useless, so a good DDOS defense system is an important part of any security solution and must be carefully selected by companies with an Internet presence.

With our DDoS and Intrusion Prevention Solution, we can protect and mitigate DDoS threats targeting any type of online service while still allowing legitimate traffic to pass through.

Our VDS are:
Location - Germany
Installation in 5 minutes
Unlimited traffic
KVM virtualization

VDS tariffs with DDOS protection

Each tariff plan has reliable DDOS protection for the entire rental period.
DDoS Protection up to 500 Gbps from 24 types of attacks
  • TCP and HTTP Flood
  • UDP, ICMP, Brute Force
  • Slowloris and Spoofing
  • and others
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Why choose our VDS with protection against DDOS attacks

Deploying our protection without additional hardware or software and with instant configuration allows customers to easily secure their business and increase availability without being exposed to additional single points of failure. Cloud-based defenses include the use of joint security and response tools to block illegal traffic before it reaches its target, providing a 99.98% uptime guarantee. Our DDoS protection services are overseen by a dedicated team of experienced IT engineers who provide 24/7 support and real-time monitoring.
Ease of installation
Need to reboot or reinstall your server? Do it in one click from your personal account.
Uptime — 99.99%
We are confident in our equipment and data centers, so we guarantee a high uptime for VDS.
Fast support
We will help you resolve any issues with the operation of your VDS server, just message us.
Build your own server
If you need an individual tariff plan, we will be happy to help you put together it for you.
Free transfer
We will help you transfer your site from another provider quickly and completely free of charge.
Our administrators will fine-tune your cloud server for free.

Only reliable VDS KVM hosting

We are so confident in the effectiveness of our DDoS protection system that we have a full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with our services
Activation within 5 minutes
100% resources guarantee
Full control over VDS
SSH and VNC server access

Current discounts, promotions and bonuses

Free SSL certificate
for you
Order any SSL certificate from us and we will install it for free on your dedicated or virtual server, no matter where it is located.
Big discounts
up to 20 %
Long-term contracts are more profitable! Pay for 3 months and get a 5% discount, when paying for 6 months - a 10% discount, and when paying for a virtual server for 1 year - a 20% discount.
domain in the .RU zone
Place an order for VDS rental for any plan for a period of 3 or more months and get a .RU domain absolutely free for 1 year
Free management
Yes exactly! Free management when renting a server or VDS, regardless of the plan and without reservations! The support service works around the clock - without breaks and weekends. All requests are processed through the ticket system, which eliminates confusion and misunderstanding. The guaranteed response time is 1 hour, but usually employees respond within 10 minutes!

What is DDOS attack and why protection is needed

DDOS is an attack on an information system with the aim of making it impossible to process user requests. In other words, a DDOS attack aims to suppress a web resource or server with traffic from a huge number of sources, which makes it inaccessible. Often such an attack is carried out to provoke network outages in a large company or government organization.

Causes of DDOS attacks — most common reasons for a cyber attack are: competition, extortion and blackmail, entertainment, political protest, personal hostility. But, as a rule, commercial and political web resources are most often subject to attacks. If your site belongs to these categories, we recommend using our VDS servers protected from DDOS

What to do with DDOS attacks? — protecting your servers from DDOS is difficult and expensive. You will need dedicated software, backup servers, and the help of security experts. By renting VDS with DDOS protection in our company, you can count on professional protection. Our system cuts off requests of the same type, redistributes the load, allocates backup channels and servers.