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VDS server with NVMe drives in Germany

You can rent a reliable virtual server (VDS server) from us. Its activation time is 3-5 minutes after placing an order. We only use KVM virtualization and fast NVMe drives in RAID10.

VDS / VPS is managed via SSH with root access. If necessary, you can reinstall or reboot the server directly from your personal account in one click. All our VDS, regardless of the tariff plan, include free full administration.

Our VDS are:
Location - Germany
Installation in 5 minutes
Unlimited traffic
KVM virtualization

VDS plans with administration

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Benefits of renting cloud servers from us

We place the nodes in the VIP-case of the data center, which guarantees a high class of service and server performance in the cloud. With many years of experience in the hosting industry, we know what is needed for a comfortable work for our clients, so we have developed our tariffs with optimal returns. Cloud virtual server in Russia is an affordable version of a dedicated server at a very attractive price. SSH access gives complete freedom to administer a cloud server: install the necessary software, an operating system, run any number of sites. The data center in Moscow provides excellent ping in Europe and the CIS.
Ease of installation
Need to reboot or reinstall your server? Do it in one click from your personal account.
Uptime — 99.99%
We are confident in our equipment and data centers, so we guarantee a high uptime for VDS.
Fast support
We will help you resolve any issues with the operation of your VDS server, just message us.
Build your own server
If you need an individual tariff plan, we will be happy to help you put together it for you.
Free transfer
We will help you transfer your site from another provider quickly and completely free of charge.
Our administrators will fine-tune your cloud server for free.

Reliable VDS KVM hosting

Register a powerful and reliable VDS server in our company now and you will receive:
Activation within 5 minutes
100% resources guarantee
Full control over VDS
SSH and VNC server access

Current discounts, promotions and bonuses

Free SSL certificate
for you
Order any SSL certificate from us and we will install it for free on your dedicated or virtual server, no matter where it is located.
Big discounts
up to 20 %
Long-term contracts are more profitable! Pay for 3 months and get a 5% discount, when paying for 6 months - a 10% discount, and when paying for a virtual server for 1 year - a 20% discount.
domain in the .RU zone
Place an order for VDS rental for any plan for a period of 3 or more months and get a .RU domain absolutely free for 1 year
Free management
Yes exactly! Free management when renting a server or VDS, regardless of the plan and without reservations! The support service works around the clock - without breaks and weekends. All requests are processed through the ticket system, which eliminates confusion and misunderstanding. The guaranteed response time is 1 hour, but usually employees respond within 10 minutes!

Why is KVM virtualization better than OpenVZ?

Often users come across information that powerful VDS hostings can be built using OpenVZ or KVM virtualization, we will briefly explain to you why we build our VDS exclusively on KVM virtualization:

OpenVZ — it is a type of virtualization at the operating system level. All virtual environments will use a single core, which does not allow you to individually and more flexibly configure your OS or install an operating system on a virtual machine from your own iso template. There are also restrictions on the launch of game and VPN servers and there is a lower level of data protection.

KVM — this is hardware virtualization. Each virtual machine uses its own OS kernel, it is possible to install FreeBSD, Linux, Windows or connect your own iso image for installation. The VDS cloud server is guaranteed to receive the declared resources. You can launch any projects (except for distributed computing systems, for example, bitcoin mining). Data located on a virtual server is more securely protected.

That is why we have been building all our virtual servers based on KVM virtualization for many years, and VDS in Germany are no exception to this rule.